Let's Talk

Let's Talk...

We Cantata Singers sure have a lot to talk about. Just listen in on any part of any rehearsal and you'll realize that when you don't hear singing you do hear ideas and opinions! Our web-site's "Members Area" should have a place to share all those thoughts, ideas and such.

This page is your portal to chat (forum) or muse (blog) about your life, your experience with Cantata Singers, singing in general, really any topic is fair game. Use the links on the right side of these pages to access either forums or blogs. Because this web-site software is new to us, as of the date of this writing (8/17/12) we can not say for certain exactly how it works. In theory every registered user of the site can have their own blog with the most recent entries appearing on the blog page for all to read. Blogs are best for musings, recollections or stories that don't require or expect feedback from others.

For more immediate conversational type chatter use the Forum link. You are able to create a new topic or post a response as part of an existing topic. These conversations can go on and on and on!

Just a few ground rules that we ask of all users of Blogs or the Forum.

1) First and most importantly, please be polite. Do not, under any circumstance, post anything that you would not say out loud at a rehearsal. Treat others online as you wish to be treated. Our site does not allow anonymous posting so we will know who you are...

2) If you find that no word but a curse word will do, please play the Richard Nixon card and use the &^#(%$* (expletive deleted) symbols.

3) Be always mindful that what you post on the internet today will still be there, somewhere in cyberspace, as long as cyberspace exists. Do not post anything for which you don't wish to be remembered in 10, 20 or even 50 or more years.

4) Our site administrators reserve the right to remove offensive or otherwise troubling material from the site and can (and will) temporarily block or permanently delete the accounts of participants who do not follow these rules.

For more information on proper internet chat behavior please see http://suite101.com/article/netiquette-guidelines-a26615 or any other site that turns up in a web search for "netiquette."