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This is the place to find occasional musings about music, choral singing and other random thoughts as well as program notes from our concerts. - - will
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Where's the summer now??

Seeming to happen as suddenly as a midsummer thundershower, the heat is gone and the cold mist seems to settle in to our very bones! All the more reason to spend some quality time in a nice cozy choral rehearsal room with a few friends singing from the heart. Or, perhaps a bit more correctly, from the diaphram (just below the heart). The Cantata Singers are in very good voice this season and, with another 10 rehearsals to go before our season opener in Big Flats, there is still time to take in new voices! As always there is no required audition only a little bit of experience and a lot of enthusiasm for great music. And, at this time at least, it helps if you are a tenor or a bass. For more information send an email to me at or feel free to call me at (607) 796-5034 for more information. - - will wickham