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Click here to read a BBC article published on the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. The article also has many photos of the aftermath. Click here for a New York Times article that includes a video news clip from 1966.

Click here for an in-depth article from the BBC about the Aberfan disaster.

This Sunday, 10/23, we will be meeting at 5pm to work on the music for the concert. Please bring your calendar in order to work out dates for additional rehearsals.

The world premier of the new Karl Jenkins work is now in the history books! Click here to see a video (this link is likely to expire in early November).

Fundraising Projects!

Can & Bottle Drive: The can and bottle drive is ongoing! Bring your empties to rehearsal on Sunday OR take them directly to Shulman's and ask to have the amount credited to the Cantata Singers. It's that easy! Shulman's is also reimbursing us for any other metal or corrugated cardboard you'd care to drop off!

Amazon Smile: If you're shopping online simply go to (or click the link) and specify Cantata Singers as your charity of choice. It's really that easy!

Rehearsal Files

Jenkins Requiem - 1) Introit, 2) Dies Irae, 3) The Snow of Yesterday, 4) Rex tremendae, 5) Confutatis, 6) From deep in my heart, 7) Lacrimosa, 8) Now as a spirit, 9) Pie Jesu, 10) Having seen the moon, 11) Lux aeterna, 12) Farewell, 13) In paradisum

Jenkins Cantata Memora - tutti files SATB parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

 Converting files to AAC format

AAC files play on your iPod. To convert files to AAC format go to iTunes. The directions may vary depending on what version you are using. For more recent versions go to File - Create new version and choose Create AAC version. For older versions of iTunes go to Advanced on the toolbar and select Create AAC Version in the menu.

 The WELLINGTON. HOTEL is located on 7th Avenue at 55th Street. Telephone 212-247-3900

The WELLINGTON. HOTEL is located on 7th Avenue at 55th Street. Telephone 212-247-3900

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BUS: M5, M7, M10, M20, M31, M57, and M104 stop nearbyMTA Info:  718-330-1234


Please Read This! With the news of the Cantata Singers acceptance to be part of a larger group at Carnegie Hall next January has come a good bit of "buzz" in the community. Because we are all one group, and because not all of us are taking part in the Carnegie Hall venture this time around, there are some important things to keep in mind: 1) We have all contributed to earning this great honor and those going are grateful to the enitre group for the priviledge; 2) The invitation to sing at Carnegie Hall has been, and will continue to be, a huge publicity bonus for the entire group; 3) Our intention is to use the 2017 visit to NYC to lay groundwork for fund-raising that will allow the entire organization to participate in a future Carnegie Hall event through DCINY. With all of that firmly in mind, the group that is going has begun the process of fund-raising to help defray some of the expense of the trip. It is important that all Cantata Singers are aware of the following:

• For singers, family members, friends, and fans, we are organizing a one-day trip on Sunday, January 15, 2017 by bus to the concert. The bus will leave Elmira early in the morning and is expected to return in the late evening. Please let Will know if you or anyone you know is interested. If we fill one bus we will establish a waiting list in hopes of being able to send a 2nd bus.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please talk to Will or any board member!

Slowing the Tempo in Windows Media Player: You can slow the tempo by right clicking your mouse on the large blue play button. Your options will be slow, normal or fast playback. The keyboard shortcuts for those commands follow:

Ctrl+Shift+S = Slow playback   Ctrl+Shift+N = Normal playback   Ctrl+Shift+G = Fast playback

Slowing the Tempo in Quicktime on Mac or Windows machines: If you are using Quicktime 7 changing the speed of playback of rehearsal files can be easily accomplished by opening the A/V Controls window. To get there click on the "Windows" menu and select "Show A/V Controls" or use the control and K keys to open the window. The tempo slider control is on the bottom right hand corner of the window. Using the mouse or trackpad simply slide the control to the desired speed.

If you don't already have Quicktime 7, you can download it for free from this link. Select the version that is right for your computer and you are in business!