For more information:

Contact our director, Will Wickham, at (607) 796-5034 or by email at


We are a fun loving group that takes our music seriously, but you do not need to be a trained singer to join us. Auditions are not required, although the director may ask to hear new singers for placement purposes.


We rehearse every Sunday beginning with the first Sunday after Labor Day weekend until our final concert in May. We typically do not meet on the Sunday prior to and after Christmas. We meet at the Parish Hall at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 408 S. Main St. Horseheads, across from the public library. Rehearsal time is 6:00 to 8:30 pm with a short break approximately halfway through. Plan to arrive a few minutes early so that we can start warm-ups right at 6:00 and make the most of our time together


For a quality performance, regular attendance at rehearsals is important. When you are absent, it affects your whole section. Try to avoid being absent for a mild cold or laryngitis. Even if you are unable to sing, it is beneficial to be at rehearsal to listen and get information such a breath markings, tempi, etc. It also saves your absences for emergencies or illness. If possible, notify your section leader in advance if you plan to miss a rehearsal or anticipate excess absences. The director reserves the right to ask singers with low attendance to not sing a concert.

Concert Attire: 

Women wear black tops or blouses (no turtle necks), long black skirts or pants, and black shoes. Men wear long sleeve black button down shirts, black ties, black pants, black socks, and all black shoes. Please limit dangling jewelry, and be considerate by refraining from using perfume, after-shave or other scented products, which may cause breathing problems for some singers.

Additional Performances

Occasionally we are asked to perform for community events, celebrations, festivals and nursing homes. We try to honor these requests if it meets our schedule and enough able voices in every section are available to sing at these additional performances.

Current Singers Information

Current singers must log in to access member content including up to date rehearsal and performance information, discussions and rehearsal files. Only current singers can have access to our "members only" area. Password information is available to members only at our regular rehearsals.