Converting Files to AAC (iPod) format

Converting files to AAC format

AAC files play on your iPod. To convert files to AAC format go to iTunes. The directions may vary depending on what version you are using. For more recent versions go to File - Create new version and choose Create AAC version. For older versions of iTunes go to Advanced on the toolbar and select Create AAC Version in the menu.

Slowing Tempo: Windows Media Player

You can slow the tempo by right clicking your mouse on the large blue play button. Your options will be slow, normal or fast playback. The keyboard shortcuts for those commands follow:

Ctrl+Shift+S = Slow playback   Ctrl+Shift+N = Normal playback   Ctrl+Shift+G = Fast playback

Quicktime on Mac or Windows

If you are using Quicktime 7 changing the speed of playback of rehearsal files can be easily accomplished by opening the A/V Controls window. To get there click on the "Windows" menu and select "Show A/V Controls" or use the control and K keys to open the window. The tempo slider control is on the bottom right hand corner of the window. Using the mouse or trackpad simply slide the control to the desired speed.

If you don't already have Quicktime 7, you can download it for free from this link. Select the version that is right for your computer and you are in business!