Guidelines for your Collaborative Event

Quick and decisive action is important in getting a collaboration off to a good start. As an individual (or group) considering participation in a collaborative effort with other individuals (or groups) it is necessary to:

1. be certain a collaboration fits into your individual (or group) goals for the upcoming event,
2. form an idea for the content and purpose of the event, and verify, if a group participation, that the vision is   accepted and shared by the rest of your group,
3. discuss the vision with the collaborative individual (or group(s)), and reach a common theme, purpose, goal,
4. make sure each collaborator has the necessary contact information to ensure open communication, and maintain communications throughout the ongoing process of planning for the event,
5.provide the organizing party (coordinator of events) with the details of the event planning as asked,
6. decide (if group) if there will be a spokesperson to operate on behalf of the group,
7. decide among collaborators whether one individual (or group) from each collaborating party will take the responsibility for organizing the details of the entire event, or if the collaborating parties will share in this effort,
8. Make every effort to meet the deadlines specified as the event unfolds, and seek necessary help if problems arise, so that each individual (or group) is fairly represented. Set up a time-line in the beginning stages of planning to use as a guide for your event.
Collaborator Protocol

The following collaborator expectations are provided to maintain the quality and continuity to the Festival of Women in the Arts. Please abide by these expectations.

Your event is your individual responsibility. You will plan and organize the event and secure the venue. We will advertise the event under the ‘umbrella’ of The Festival of Women in the Arts.

1. Arrange for your performance/gallery venue. You are responsible to make all arrangements in securing a venue. The Festival committee will gladly provide support if necessary.

2. Cover the expenses of your own event. Expenses for your event, such as venue hall rental and personal costs will be your responsibility.

3. Supply program inserts for your event. There will be a standard program that lists all events and sponsors. You will need to provide a program insert (single page) for your individual event.

4. Supply promotional information and materials to the Festival Committee by the established deadlines for inclusion on the website, PR package, and Festival poster.

5. Edit and review event information for accuracy before publication. Drafts of promotional material will be provided for you to review and edit before the final material is printed. Please check event title, date, time, location, and all spelling for accuracy. Confirm corrections and return by requested deadline.

6. Promote your event on local arts calendars following the standard Festival template and using the Festival of Women in the Arts logo.

7.Publicize your event using the Festival of Women in the Arts logo and the Festival website at

8.  Provide a representative to attend Festival meetings when required.
Additional Information:

The Festival promo material has limited space available for each event. When naming your event, consider a name that gives the most information in the least amount of space. It helps to include the medium or other descriptors in the name. ie: photographs, visual art, concert, play, readings, poetry, etc.

Festival advertising will include, but not be limited to: Media Ads- newspaper, magazines, radio, TV, Internet – regional event calendars, Festival of Women in the Arts at Facebook,  Interviews – local media WSKG, WENY, WETM, etc.

Promo Material will include, but not be limited to: poster, mailer, flyers, e-card, table tent cards for local businesses and restaurants, banners, and other items such as key chains, refrigerator magnets, wine, Festival of Women in the Arts stickers for use on any mailings and more.

In addition to the Festival promotions we ask you to please promote your event as you normally would. All advertisement of your event should mention The Festival of Women in the Arts. The Festival Logo will be provided for your use.

Additionally, you might consider contacting the media (such as Bill Snyder at WSKG or WETM Community Focus) to arrange on-air interviews to promote your individual event.