Anniversary Season is Well Underway!

Wed, 12/18/2013


What a way to begin a golden anniversary year of celebratory concerts. All our singers, with amazing help from the Youth and Children's choirs of the Church of St. Mary Our Mother and the perfect jazz accompaniment of the Dan Paul Trio from Philadelphia, got the season off to a wonderful start last Saturday night. In spite of the worst weather of this young winter, the relatively large audience simply loved the performance! The appreciation was certainly felt in the hearty applause and standing ovation that evening and continues to reverberate around the community even today, days later. I continue to hear from folks who were there but didn't stay for the reception about how much they loved how good the choirs and band sounded and what we did with Dave Brubeck's "La Fiesta de la Posada". Each day since the concert I've heard from others who would have been there if the weather hadn't gotten in the way and now are regretting their decision to stay home. They've heard from others how enjoyable the evening was. The buzz in the community is THAT positive!

And deservedly so! The Cantata Singers are a great group of talented and hard working singers who have worked so very hard to earn this praise in the community! I can not adequately describe the joy that this group brings to my life, both personally and musically. If you haven't seen or heard the group recently this would be the perfect year to get reacquainted.

See you in March. Or sooner if you are ready to sing with us! - - will wickham